i am strapple and i am officially leaving tumblr

this isnt a dramatic movement.

many months ago i left tumblr for a break

and i realized that i enjoyed my life without tumblr MUCH more. i found irl activities and worked harder on family bonds.

i am happy and i am healthy. i do not want to come back. it isnt personal against anyone! i love every person ive met here, even if they dont like me. i appreciate having known them.

i wanted to just break free and leave quietly but ive had a multiple amount of people trying to find me and being hurt that i just bailed without closure.

i am sorry. i left because it was healthiest for me. tumblr was not making me be a good person and it was making me connected with toxic issues that i do not wish to be involved with. you can only be a positive soul so long on a website like tumblr.

if you wish to know an update on me now. i am happy, stable, with a good career and a serious relationship. it is still medically difficult for me to be able to have a child but me and my s/o are trying anyways. i am happy and in a good place.

i am so sorry from the bottom of my heart to anyone who i have wronged who might feel upset about me in any way. EVERYONE. i always put my most into people i care about but sometimes it doesnt work out. i dont hold any hard feelings. i wish EVERYONE the best,

teen swag does not belong to me anymore and he will not ever. 

but if you want closure on adult MAINVERSE  swag  he ran away from the pressures of his job to marry prisma, a small farm girl and live a real life.

that is the end of his story. i will not update it on his blog as i am shy and i do not want reblogs or controversy 

and im sorry if it might offend anyone but it is very catherdic to me as a writer to let swag leave his silly internet life to live a real one.

all ive ever wanted to do is to make people happy and that is what i will continue to do. but not on tumblr.

if you need to contact me id suggest doing it via PM on gaiaonline where i am “star x apple~” this is the most casual place i am online where you can find me. i check it sometimes.

no drama. no offense, literally NOTHING but love.

thank you, i appreciate all of your love and support

but this is my official goodbye. 

it has been a wonder. you people mean so much to me. but it is time to officially say goodbye. 

you people have changed my life and i wish EVERY SINGLE one of you a happy ending.

okay i did a lot of thinking and on second thought i will take that break. i have a lot of things to do and there’s too much distraction with tumblr involved! ill be back in a month hopefully less stressed/worried. let’s just call this a seriously much needed long coming “detox”

ill still be on skype and fb but i won’t be answering asks because I’m having a very good friend change my password. wishing everyone the best, happiness, health, forgiveness and love.


                Once your mine, there's no going back. 



does anyone have any natural remedies that work for them for a bad cough? i tried cough drops and they didnt do much and i also tried some lemon tea with honey! i know i could just google it and i have but id like to hear from real people what actually works for them! itd help me a lot thanks!

Late to the party but a doc told me to gargle salt water to help with killing the germs in the throat and one I use is a spoon of honey and lemon juice.
But if you’re like me then like, four spoons of that will make you throw up so maybe like one or two during the course of the day is good

oh gosh thank you im going to try this!!



dont you dare




Probably don’t drink hot sauce if you don’t know what the illness is because it could effect your stomach and induce vomiting. But you could mix a few drops of hot sauce with warm water and gargle it

oh yeah i already have a messy tummy so that might be better! ill try anything once except buttsex so im down