okay i did a lot of thinking and on second thought i will take that break. i have a lot of things to do and there’s too much distraction with tumblr involved! ill be back in a month hopefully less stressed/worried. let’s just call this a seriously much needed long coming “detox”

ill still be on skype and fb but i won’t be answering asks because I’m having a very good friend change my password. wishing everyone the best, happiness, health, forgiveness and love.


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does anyone have any natural remedies that work for them for a bad cough? i tried cough drops and they didnt do much and i also tried some lemon tea with honey! i know i could just google it and i have but id like to hear from real people what actually works for them! itd help me a lot thanks!

Late to the party but a doc told me to gargle salt water to help with killing the germs in the throat and one I use is a spoon of honey and lemon juice.
But if you’re like me then like, four spoons of that will make you throw up so maybe like one or two during the course of the day is good

oh gosh thank you im going to try this!!



dont you dare




Probably don’t drink hot sauce if you don’t know what the illness is because it could effect your stomach and induce vomiting. But you could mix a few drops of hot sauce with warm water and gargle it

oh yeah i already have a messy tummy so that might be better! ill try anything once except buttsex so im down


we take for granted all the times our nose isn’t stuffy