alright so this last two weeks have really been hard on me and ive spent the past four days doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself and posting on tumblr. as much as i love you guys and you are a huge part of my life and have cheered me up beyond words, i need to get out of this slump. so i might not be around as much. instead of posting on tumblr during my lunch break im going to go for a walk. instead of pestering my online friends to stream me a movie, im going to go to a free art gallery. instead of wallowing in my self pity listening to music im going to go to a farmers market and find a fruit/vegetable that ive never tried and buy it. i need some fresh air to clear my head. expect less streams and more annoying pictures of adventures i have out in the real world. and thank you all so much for existing and loving me because i love you back a whole lot. strapple out~